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Behind the Music


Munsterbucks, two lads from Munster, a province in the South of Ireland, and one from Australia. Tommy Donovan from Kerry (banjo and mandolin) Jack O’Leary from Cork (vocals, guitar and bodhran) and Sam De Santi (fiddle and guitar). All three of them have a rich heritage in playing traditional music both here and overseas. While keeping true to their traditional roots, they bring a unique sense of style and an irresistible groove to their tunes and songs, and they have established a strong name for themselves on the Australian folk scene. In the end, it’s basically three Bucks, who love Ireland and traditional music, having a blast and bringing the best of Irish music to your doorstep/gathering.


Band Members


Jack O'Leary

Guitarist Singer and Bodhran

When it’s a bit o’ the old Irish magic you’re wanting, sure it’s Jack O’Leary you’ll be after comin’ to see so it is. Well known and loved in his native Ireland, Jack is a gifted singer and story-teller who embodies the culture, history and passion of his people and brings it to life in song and verse. With the natural flair and charm of a true Celt, and a voice that can make you ache with the memory of a landscape you may never have seen, Jack O’Leary offers audiences in Australia a taste of the authentic Irish experience, performing both traditional and contemporary music from some of Ireland’s greatest and most beloved writers. (Northern Rivers News)


Sam DeSanti 

Fiddle Player

Sam a native of  Australia was brought up steeped in Irish traditional music. Sam has been part of the Australian folk scene for most of his life. Not only is Sam an accomplished fiddle player but he also plays guitar and banjo. He joined me the band having return from his time in London and joined the band in 2021. 

tommy .jpg

Tommy Donovan

Banjo and Mandoline

Thomas Donovan From Ballylongford in Co Kerry is the Banjo and Mandolin player. Tommy had a banjo in his hands from the ripe age of six and has been part of the Australian folk scene for almost 10 years. Tommy has performed at many of the icon folk festivals over his years n Australia. If you are lucky to catch a listen of Tommy showcasing the Banjo you are in for a real this space

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